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On a international anti-SNSD forum: STAND, they have posted an article saying that some of the members of SNSD are a couple or lesbians… first off, they must know that this is not true. So I assume, that they’re saying this is a reason to hate them?… for acting gay?

They give some pictures such as the following as proof

however.. since most snsd anti-fans are either avid super junior, tvxq, SS501, big bang, wonder girls or any other group’s fan (WHY CAN’T THEY GET ALONG? I LIKE ALL OF THESE GROUPS! ITS NOT HARD) i’ll give pictures of some members from those respective groups doing the same exact thing. no one hears anything about those! and btw.. the first picture with taeyeon and the hidden member is part of the dance choreography of “Girls’ Generation.” When Sooyoung and/or Tiffany sing their parts, sometimes the girls do that move. It’s also called fan service :/

and as a fangirl of donghae.. i love it when they do fan service.

i’ll continue to upload more when i get more time.. trust me.. there’s a TON more


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well I started this blog because of all the rumors about SNSD out there. First off, I want to point out that I am also a supporter of Super Junior, TVXQ, Wonder Girls, and Big Bang. I listen to all of their music and love all of them endearly. However, I find it unfair at the double standards that are given to SNSD and the false information spreading around. I admit, some of the girls may have done some bad deeds in the past but most of it is exaggerated to the point of insanity or just plainly made up.

First off, I’d like to start by addressing the anti-fans and especially that forum called STAND. I am thankful that they are taking a non-violent action in expressing their opinions. HOWEVER, words still hurt and to SNSD members are human beings with feelings and families that care about them. All of these people are hurt when you guys express your hatred. I mean if you look at the media these days, you here about a ton of suicides in the Korean entertainment industry because of hate comments spread by anti-fans and netizens! you guys never learn! and this also goes for those Sones out there that are violent and outrageously misguided in their sayings and beliefs. However, back to topic…

referring to some stuff that anti-fans point out to citing why they hate the girls ://

  • the most obvious one would be the plastic surgery issue. and it’s obvious that some of the girls did get plastic surgery… no doubt about it. If you compare present and past pictures you can immediately see work done on Hyoyeon and Tiffany. GET OVER IT! a TON of people in both Korea and America have had plastic surgery, including the all-lovable Hyori, SuJu’s own pretty boy, Kim Hee Chul, Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee, Seo In Young, and a crap load of others.

Now, about the SMTown Concert in Korea. People said that fans didn’t show up to support their artists cause of SNSD. They said that the stadiums were empty… there were a reported 45,000 people there. Okay, yes there are photos floating around showing that the stadium was empty. In the said photos, there are “evidence” that it was empty including this one:

BUT, if you look at the circled scene, you’ll see that that is most likely KyuHyun. And you deff don’t see the other Super Junior members. That mean that he is singing his solo song which means it’s the “Just For One Day” song that he sang with CSJH The Grace. This was one of the first performances of the concert. Also, the angles of these pictures are horrible since they aim at the stage and show how the seats BACK of the stage are empty. Now.. why would anyone be sitting BEHIND the stage?!

and i think videos are better proof than PICTURES ://

these PROVE that a ton of ppl showed up

the first is an arirang pops in seoul interview with DJ Isak.. an old SM artist

the second and third are from “to be kangin and heechul ep 4”

go to 5:20

the whole thing proves it but 1:53 and 2:49 are pretty good views of the crowd.

i’ll post more articles supporting the girls and articles about the ridiculous claims of snsd’s anti-fans 😀

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Hello world!

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